DRINK TEQUILA, it’s health! 7 Health Benefits from Tequila

tequila heath benefits, tequila, Riviera Maya


Do you ever think that when you take a shot for tequila it will improve your health? It’s not the typical thought however this unique drink is a lot more than your favorite party drink from college. Tequila is a sophisticated drink that is elegant and promote life while it is best enjoyed slow, sip by sip.

True tequila is made from the agave plant that originates from Mexico. From the agave plant 100% authentic tequila is not only the best drink you’ll have ever have but it provides some interesting health benefits.

1. No more hangovers

Tequila follows the golden rule, if you treat it right it will treat you right. Slamming a shot will in turn slam you back. Original 100% agave tequila  will not leave you with the side effects the following morning. This is due to the natural sugars from the agave plant. Moderation in drinking also an important a key factor.

Mexican laws states that tequila can only be made from the blue Weber agave plant in the region of Jalisco.  Under US regulations tequilas can contain up to 49% other alcohols and artificial sugars. This is were tequila gets a bad name but the real tequila will leave you feeling fresh and free of a hangover.

tequila heath benefits, tequila, Riviera Maya, agave2. It’s Probiotic

Fructans from the agave plant, which are found in other plants like onions, garlic, and wheat,  are a rich in probiotics. Probiotics are bacteria that are healthy for your immune and digestive system. Remember that moderation is important. Too much alcohol is never good for your body.

3. Helps with appetite and digestion

Tequila can help your stomach digest. Experts suggest that sipping a shot before a meal to strengthen your metabolism and appetite. Even a shot after dinner can console and improve digestion. Additionally, it is encouraged to drink a glass of water to accompany your tequila.

4. Directs medication to the colon

Sometimes just swallowing the pill is not the only option. For those whom have a disease that affects your digestive system tequila is here to the rescue. The fructans in tequila can protect medication from stomach acid so that it will reach the colon. Fructans contain natural chemical carriers which can protect the pill. Studies are under way focused on adding these type of fructans to prescription medications.

5. Helps lower blood glucose levelstequila heath benefits, tequila, Riviera Maya

Those with diabetes may have another way to lower their blood glucose levels. Tequila contains agavins which are a non-digestible natural sugar created by the agave plant. In a preliminary study agavins were found to lower blood glucose levels not to mention helped in weight control.

6. Lowers your chances of developing dementia

In a study of individuals over the age of 75 and their drinking habits found that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol, including tequila, lowered their chances of developing dementia. Moderate amounts of was defined as  8 -14 drinks per week. However, it was also found that drinking more than 14 drinks per week increased the chances of developing dementia.

7. Helps with insomnia

Research has suggested that relaxing qualities of tequila calm nerves and prompt sleep. While it is not a long term solution it can help with episodic encounters of insomnia. Tequila is a smooth drink that is best for unwinding and aiding you relax.

Next you you take a drink of tequila remember that it is good for your health.





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