Health Benefits to Wearing Silver, True or Not?

Silver skeleton hand

Silver jewelry makes me healthier? It sounds like an infomercial on a late night TV show however there is some real truth behind this practice.

How does it work?

So is it science or magic? It’s a little bit of both…not really, it’s based in silver’s ability to generate an electrical field that distributes electricity and heat around the body. The health benefits come the thermal and electrical conductivity that enhance blood circulation, temperature balance, and general healing.

The positively charged silver ions are the real reason not magic. These ions create a conductive field that reflects electromagnetic radiation away from the body. This same field stimulates the body’s existing conductivity, yielding various health stimulations.

What health benefits will you experience?

Skin Friendly

Silver is a non-reactive metal with the skin and is a perfection option for sensitive skin. Individuals that suffer from allergic reactioplata Citlali.jpgns to other metals will not experience any such reaction.

Kills Bacteria

As mentioned the positive silver ions attach to negatively charged oxygen receptors in bacteria. This attachment destabilizes the bacteria’s metabolic enzymes and eliminates their oxygen supply thus suffocating them.

General Healing

Anciently, as discovered by the Greeks silver exhibited better healing process in the wounded than those who did not wear silver. Additionally, they did not contract bacteria infections. Being an expensive metal it was not worn by many soldiers. When until this day there are countless healing silver ointments that are rooted in the same finding as the ancient Greeks.

There are other benefits such as body temperature balance, enhanced blood circulations, and even smartphone radiation.

Simply put, silver is not only beautiful but health too.

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